Client Testimonials

Parents of an Adolescents:

“My son’s life has been saved and transformed! I am so grateful to Heather and Trish and Cecily for guiding me literally every step of the way through the treatment and healing process. I was living my worst nightmare as a Mom when I found out my son was struggling with depression and anxiety and attempted to end his life. When I found myself with my son in the ER, my desperation to heal and save him was indescribable. My first call from the ER was to Heather who literally told me with confidence and love, “I’ve got you!” I had been told by the hospital staff we were going to be stuck there for a couple days because there was no where to go; however, within minutes Heather and her team were working on our behalf tirelessly and had secured a spot for my son for the first step of his treatment. The hard work and dedication  never stopped by TKP team as they literally guided me through every single option, feeling, challenge and decision to ensure my son got the help and healing he so desperately needed. They brought the best treatment options to the forefront and battled on his behalf to get into the program he needed! I had lost my son and now he has been redeemed and restored and he is back to the young man I kept saying he was but no one recognized until now. To say I couldn’t have done it or personally navigated this biggest challenge of my life without Heather, Trish, and Cecily is a gross understatement! I believe every step was recommended as if they were considering my boy to be their own son! They are the most knowledgeable, caring, professional, and experienced in the industry – truly THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!” –Mom of 16 year old boy

“Good morning Heather and Cecily,
Just wanted to reach out and say “Hi!”. I’ve been thinking a lot and would love to be able to help you guys if you ever need someone to talk to parents struggling with the thought of sending their kid to wilderness treatment sooner than later. We are convinced that is what helped save our son and put him on this amazing path. He is doing so incredibly well! He is on Focalin for his ADD/ADHD and still meets weekly with his therapist who he loves but we are having an amazing year! I cry happy tears often as I still can’t believe where we were last year at this time to where we are now…  Anyway… Just wanted to offer that up if you ever need it or if it could help a family. We are obviously a huge proponent of you guys and wilderness therapy.” –
Mother of 15 y/o male

“Cecily Mitchell has been a Godsend to our family and appeared in our lives at the exact moment we needed her most.  Our son was spiraling out of control and almost unrecognizable when we were referred to The Kinetic People and connected with Cecily.  I have never felt such a swift peace in the middle of true crisis as Cecily went above and beyond to immediately help us. Time constraints did not slow her down in finding the right wilderness program for our son and within a matter of 24 hours, he was on a new path from addiction and destruction into wholeness, one we could not originally fathom. After wilderness, Cecily helped us find an incredible therapeutic residential school where (despite continued struggles), he finally began to thrive; graduating high school early and with honors.  She always knew the next right step, each time offering options and guidance and played a critical role in finding the exact places our son needed. Her umbrella continues to protectively cover us with after care connections and support.  Cecily used her extensive knowledge and expertise in gently and steadily guiding us into the scary and unknown world of treatment. She is always there to reassure you and instill a confident hope while being very real and honest at the same time. She provides a beautiful balance and calm in shaky and uncertain circumstances.  Through every step, Cecily remained a constant and caring support, not just for our son but for us as parents.  She exudes compassion, wisdom, and joy, and takes the time to understand your child and family.  You want her in your corner fighting for you! We are beyond grateful for her servant heart and her desire to help bring healing and wholeness to children and families. We are among those lives that have been forever changed. In huge part to Cecily, our son is now home and is healthy, healing and flourishing.  It is our honor to give Cecily and the entire Kinetic team our highest recommendation.” –Mother of 17 y/o male

“I wanted to thank you for everything: your thoughtfulness, your help, your guidance. It’s really been a tough journey, you guys really have been fabulous, I really appreciate it. Believe it or not, my husband who was gawking at me spending the money for an educational specialist said 2 days ago, this is really the best money you have ever spent. So, thank you again. And Sheri was so nice too, she called yesterday just to check in and that was so sweet and kind; I appreciate everybody in your company that I’ve worked with. And actually last night seemed so much better; I know she’s a little rough around the edges and still angry at us some of the time, but she’s really an incredible little kid – quirky and funny and witty and I think we will all get to see more and more of the real her again soon. I wanted to let you know we’ve seen something good for a change, and it has been a really long time, so thank you again.” -Mother of 15 y/o female

Parents of Young Adults:

“Happy Friday, Trisha & Heather!  Wanted to share these incredible photos of last weekend’s adventure with our son. He joined the climbing club at school and is really enjoying it. Made some good friends, too. Been a year since he started at Trails. Wow.” –Mother of 19 y/o male

TKP response: “Wow wow wow! The confidence it takes to do what he is doing is mind blowing. The other amazing thing about climbing is the ability to turn all things off in your brain to be very present with the wall and your body. MINDFULNESS! This skill will translate across his lifespan in so many ways. Thank you for letting us be a part of his journey and continuing to send us updates of his ongoing growth post treatment.”

“Dear Heather & Trisha, Our son is now in college in ST George Utah where he completed his aftercare program successfully and chose to remain living there because of his love for the community. Prior to treatment, he was in his bedroom smoking pot and contemplating suicide. He had no friends and no passions in life. The journey wasn’t easy, for us as parents especially. AND this makes it all worth it!!” –Parents of 19 Year Old Male

“Our family has benefited greatly by working with The Kinetic People. We found a Wilderness Therapy placement for our son on our own but needed their expertise once we realized he would need to move on to a transition program before returning to college. After great success in the wilderness program, the first few months at the transition program were very rocky. Cecily was with us every step of the way and worked closely with the transition program to ensure things got on track each time he derailed.  There were moments when we thought we might need to change programs, but it turns out he was at the right place all along.  I just took him longer than expected to acclimate.  Cecily was there as a voice of reason during the bumpy times when I felt panicked and helpless. Both she and Trisha had the ability to look at our son’s situation impartially, assess it and provide valuable input. We highly recommend The Kinetic People and will likely be using them again to help set up support for our son when he leaves the transition program to return to college.” –Mother of Young Adult Male

Family Services:

“Sheri and Cecily at The Kinetic People have been invaluable to our family during the process for finding our family the proper help.  After many years of struggling to explain our situation and find the best resources for our daughter, our experience with them has been a lifeline.  From the initial phases of listening to our story, walking us through options, guiding us to the right treatment center to continued check-ins and ongoing parent coaching, we have a real relationship with people who understand and empathize.  Their commitment to healing for children and families is comforting and encouraging.  They remain integral team members to our family during all phases of treatment.”-Father of 18 y/o female

“When my 17 year-old son was 9 hours away from home in Kansas and suddenly in a state of emergency after experiencing his first manic episode, I was lost with no real idea where to find the kind of help he needed. By the grace of God, I was referred to The Kinetic People.  For the first time, his issues were validated as “complex” with many challenging components.  Both Dr. Heather Hale-Rosenburg and Cecily Mitchell instantly showed a deep interest in learning about my son as a person, not just a diagnosis, so they could direct him to the right care for his unique needs  Then they connected me to my parent coach, Sheri Cowan.  Every parent should have the good fortune to be supported and guided by someone like Sheri.  She has helped me more with my situation than any counselor I’ve worked with in the past. Sheri carefully listens to my concerns then teaches me to implement effective techniques during challenging situations.  She’s also my cheerleader always ready to praise milestones no matter how small. I’m happy to report that my son is now 18 and about to graduate from high school with honors, and he is on track to start college in the fall.  He has been medication compliant for almost a year, and he’s finally beginning to show his “sparkle” again.  I know we wouldn’t have reached this point by this time if the Kinetic people had not been there with support, guidance and resources.  I will be forever grateful.”-Mom of 17 year old son