Healing is to touch with love



We are mission control for your loved one’s distressing situation. We’ll help you plot a course to their ideal therapeutic destination, and while they’re on their journey, we’ll be a discerning set of eyes and ears, reading the radar, and attentively communicating between all the involved parties. When it’s time to guide them back, we’ll work with you to coordinate an aftercare plan, providing them with a safe landing, and allowing them to bring their therapeutic discoveries home.

Hey, “Commander”, cool metaphor, but what does this typically look like?

The Kinetic Name

The Kinetic Name

We call ourselves “The Kinetic People” because we’re all about movement. We’ll help you move from here to there—from whatever your challenging circumstances currently are, to a place of greater health and harmony. We’ll help you understand your situation, get organized, energized, informed, and on the road to recovery.



Trying to find the best out-of-home therapeutic placement for your loved one can be daunting. There are thousands of treatment programs offering varied therapeutic approaches; many of them have sprawling, vague (sometimes even misrepresentative) websites. We know, from our almost twenty years of combined consulting experience, and thirty years of combined clinical experience, that whatever you’re going through is already hard enough. You have a life, maybe a career, and a loved one in turmoil. You probably don’t have time to become an expert in out-of-home therapeutic placements. Let us be your guide.

Don't Jump Alone

Don't Jump Alone

Sending your loved one to an out-of-home treatment environment can be a leap, but your family need not jump alone. The Kinetic People have made this leap with hundreds of other families. We’ve scouted the landings, toured hundreds of treatment programs, and we know the best places to land. When you make a leap, it can be scary to go alone. You want someone with you who’s been there. Let us be your experienced, knowledgeable, calming partner during this challenging experience.

Adult Treatment Placement

Help for caregivers

A large percentage of the people who hire us are caregivers seeking treatment for their child or loved one. But we are equally adept at aligning adults with the best therapeutic environments for their specific needs. If you are an adult seeking help for yourself, please don’t hesitate to call.