Kinetic Community

Kinetic Community

 2021 Sponsored Community Events

Welcome House Fundraiser Breakfast with Sugar Ray Leonard

Welcome House is a residential, not-for-profit, sober living recovery provider that supports and empowers alcohol and drug-addicted men to live a healthy and productive life free of alcohol and drug use.

Our consultants have enjoyed virtual and in person tours with the following programs in 2021

Red Oak Recovery

The Willows at Red Oak

The Pines

Foundation House

The Forge School

The Heritage Community

The Dorm

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions

Legacy Outdoors

Transcend Sober Living

The Heights Treatment

New Vision Wilderness

The Grounds Recovery 

Boulder Creek Academy


Brightstone Transitions

Red Mountain Sedona

Benchmark Transitions



Red Mountain Colorado


Pacia Life 

Skyline Recovery

Skyterra Embrace

Building Bridges

Cascade Academy

The Goodale School

Point School Puerto Rico

Telos Academy

Telos U

True North Wilderness Program

J Flowers

OBH Wilderness Symposium

Benchmark Transitions

Alpha 180

Waypoint Academy

Moonridge Academy

Ashcreek Academy

Sunrise RTC

Vive Adolescent Care

Wingate Wilderness Therapy

Cumberland Heights 

Greenhill Recovery

Embark at Mainline

Synergy Houses

Embark at Poconos

Sandhill Development Center

PRN for Families