Safe and Sound Protocol

Safe and Sound Protocol

Do you experience more reactivity, overwhelm, pressure, anxiety or depression than feels useful?

An engaging short-term listening protocol can quiet unhelpful physiology and restore feelings of safety in your body and your life.

Allow the Safe & Sound Protocol to carry you home to yourself.

Listen to

Engage in short listening sessions of specially filtered music that retunes the nervous system

Chat With a

Discuss your experiences weekly
—in a group or individually—
with a coach.


A majority of clients experience notable relief of anxiety, depression, trauma-related distress and relational friction

Individual Experience

Consult with a coach to map out your listening journey. Do short listening sessions on your own. Meet virtually with your coach to discuss your experience and acquire skills to maintain your gains.

Group Experience

Meet weekly in a fun coach-run group of fellow musical travelers. Do short listening sessions on your own and share your experiences. Learn skills to maintain your gains.

What People Are Saying

“I recognize I was not present in my life due to compartmentalizing in an attempt to mediate/moderate my anxiety. It backfired again and again. Once I would think I had managed my anxiety this way, it would sneak up on me and pop back up in some other goulish form or fashion. With SSP this is no longer happening because I feel myself becoming more and more wholly present. In the past I might be in a situation, for example, enjoying a moment of laughter but my mind was always elsewhere. With SSP I am back. I am back to being my spontaneous, silly, sarcastic witty self. I have found my sense of humor again. I feel like I am living most of the time in all of myself.” —E

“For years my level of distress didn’t match my daily activities. I was regularly more afraid, angry or hopeless than a situation called for. Things that appeared simple for others could feel overwhelming, scary, or unfair to me. I regularly left social encounters feeling guilt, remorse, and shame. SSP turned down the volume on this debilitating physiological noise and turned up the volume on feelings of love and acceptance for myself and others.” —D

Often the reason we feel stuck in our lives originates below the level of awareness in our autonomic nervous systems. The autonomic nervous system thrives when it has time to both stretch and savor. When the content of our fast paced lives stretches our nervous systems too much or for too long, we can lose the seat of safety within ourselves. We begin to reside in autonomic patterns that are intended for protection and defense rather than connection. The physiology, stories, and behaviors these patterns engender create feedback loops that keep us stuck in varying states of dis-ease. The Safe & Sound protocol can free us from these demoralizing loops.

What People Are Saying

"[After the Safe and Sound Protocol], I feel like I could finally connect with myself, recognize and accept who I actually am, and all of a sudden know what my needs are."

"[After the Safe and Sound Protocol], I feel like I could finally connect with myself, recognize and accept who I actually am, and all of a sudden know what my needs are."

Tunes to Retune

As a practical application of Dr. Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, the SSP acts as a non-invasive, acoustic vagal nerve stimulator, helping to re-tune the nervous system to better support connection, collaboration and resilience. This re-tuning exerts a calming effect on our physiological and emotional state which opens the door for improved healing, communication and social ease.


What music will I be listening to?

There are four playlists to choose from, give you a variety of music to choose from. All the playlists sound similar to music found on the radio, although a little less clear in quality and typically at a lower volume. People are usually familiar with most or all the songs on the playlists. You are able to move between playlists to find which one is right for you, or to suit the mood you’re in.

Can I share the playlists with others?

This program works best when under the supervision of a certified professional. Every person has their own unique nervous system and each listening session is specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual, which means sharing the playlist is discouraged. Also, the program price is only for one person and sharing is not allowed.

What happens after the program?

Once you complete the Core program, you have the option of moving toward a monthly subscription plan. This subscription allows you continued access to one of the playlists. The benefits of the Core program continue to increase overtime. After about 8-10 weeks you are eligible to go through the Core program again for even further benefits.

What can I do while listening?

During listening sessions, it is best to do low-stimulating activities such as sitting with your eyes closed, stretching, coloring, or drawing. Activities that raise the heart rate or increase mental activity are discouraged.

What kind of headphones do I use?

The program requires over-the-ear, non-noise canceling headphones. Due to the frequency of the music, these are the only headphones that will work.

Where can I read about case studies?

To read about a variety of case studies using the SSP, click here

How long is the program?

This is a program specifically designed for your body and mind. For some, their nervous system may only allow for a few minutes of listening per day, every few days. Others, may listen for longer, every day. Therefore, moving through the five-hour playlist depends on your nervous system. On average, it might take about 30 days to complete.

Are there any adverse side effects?

Each body and nervous system is different. Therefore, each person will react a little differently to the program. Most feel calm and relaxed while listening, and others might feel some tension. Some adverse side effects are temporary and reduce when the nervous system feels safe again. Common adverse side effects can include temporarily increased symptoms of anxiety, hyperawareness, and sleeplessness.

Where can I find the research on SSP?

For more information about how the SSP works to positively impact the nervous system, click here